Save energy, money on your bills and be more comfortable in your home.

Up to 35% of all the heat lost in an uninsulated home goes through the walls, and a further 25% through the roof. No wonder you cut up to £515** on your energy bills with BillSaveUK’s cavity and loft insulation.

We’re a name you can trust!

We’re one of the UK’s leading home insulation companies, and unlike some businesses on the web who just want your details, we employ our own fully-qualified assessors and installers . In fact, we have over 35 years experience in the industry and all our work comes fully guaranteed. That’s why we have such a high TrustPilot rating.

We have access to free insulation grants

What’s more, under Government schemes designed to cut carbon emissions in UK homes, you could get a free cavity wall insulation or loft insulation. Tens of thousands of homes have already benefited and it’s a stress-free process. Just get in touch and we’ll check what home insulation grants you’re entitled to.

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Why insulate your cavity walls?

Up to 35% of all heat loss in your home is lost through the walls. Most modern homes are built by constructing masonry walls with an air-gap (or cavity), of at least 50mm in between. Insulating this cavity is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of energy you need to heat your home.

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How does Cavity Wall Insulation work?


Most modern homes are constructed with an ‘air-gap’ or cavity walls, and filling this with insulating material can significantly reduce heat loss.

However, not all homes are constructed in this way, so your home will need to be surveyed first to make sure it is suitable for cavity wall insulation.

During installation, we’ll drill a series of small holes into the outside wall of your property. Then, we’ll install top quality insulating material into the cavity using specialist equipment.

This material can be made from a variety of different materials, but is usually made from recycled granulated mineral wool fibre or polystyrene beads. In effect, this creates a blanket effect that will prevent heat escaping, keeping your house warmer and our bills down.

Watch BillSaveUK install cavity wall insulation in this video

Why choose BillSaveUK?

  • Free insulation grants – we’ll check if you’re eligible under govt schemes
  • Professional and reliable – all our installers are highly trained
  • Quick service – installation in as little as 2 – 3 weeks
  • Peace of mind – we offer a 25 year guarantee
  • £50 Amazon vouchers – to say thank you if your installation goes ahead

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Does cavity wall insulation cause damp?

We’ve created this handy 5 step checklist to help you decide if Cavity Wall Insulation is right for your home.

1. Will it work with your weather zone?

The UK is divided up in to four different zones according to how exposed they are to wind-driven rain. Different zones use different construction techniques to protect them against the elements, and some won’t work with cavity wall insulation, otherwise damp might occur.

Unlike some suppliers, BillSaveUK will never install cavity wall in high exposure areas.

Check the exposure level of your home 

2. Insist on a detailed home survey

Cavity wall insulation should never be installed without a detailed home visit survey being carried out by an approved assessor. The survey should check for existing damp and condensation in your property and if the levels are too high, cavity wall insulation shouldn’t be installed.

All our survey team are approved and are qualified Domestic Energy Assessors.

Watch our assessors in action in this video

3. Look for areas of weakness

Check for visible cracks in the mortar or other visible defects to your external walls or guttering. You may need to get these fixed before having your cavities insulated. Otherwise, there’s a chance that water might have already entered the cavity and would therefore make it unsuitable for insulation fibres to be blown in.

Our assessors are trained to spot these defects

4. Check the after-sales service

A good installer should contact you afterwards to see if you were satisfied with the work carried out and listen to any concerns you have – no matter how small. All completed CWI measures are also issued with an insurance backed guarantee for added peace of mind.

BillsaveUK offers a 25 year guarantee and has a 5 Star TrustPilot rating

5. Tried and trusted

Finally, only ever employ the services of a reputable, accredited installer. Sadly, there are some rogue traders out there who could land you in a worse situation than when you started.

We’re fully industry-accredited. Find out which organisations have given us their stamp of approval

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Fast Facts
  • Free Cavity Wall Insulation available for everyone with a suitable home*
  • Keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • Savings of more than £275 per year** on your energy bills
* Eligibility rules apply.
** Energy Saving Trust 2016

Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation is a very effective way of preventing excessive heat loss from your property. 25% of the energy used to heat the building is lost through the roof, so it’s easy to see why insulating your loft can be so effective at reducing energy bills.

Loft Insulation is a quick, cheap way to improve the energy efficiency of your home, so get in contact today for a no-obligation chat.

How does Loft Insulation work?


Traditionally, loft insulation is made from fibreglass, a substance that isn’t necessarily environmentally friendly. Here at BillSave UK, we pride ourselves on the use of modern insulation materials, very different from the traditional. Our loft insulation material is a roll of environmentally friendly mineral fibres that is laid in your loft. BillSave UK loft insulation installers lay one layer in between the joists, and another layer length ways across the joists.

This means that the insulation is up to building regulation standards, and will last indefinitely, so you don’t have to change it every few years.

There are many benefits to installing loft insulation. Not only will it cut your energy bills and make your home easier to heat, it will lengthen the life of your boiler, by creating a consistent living environment. It can also improve the energy rating of your home.

How much does Loft Insulation cost?

The cost of loft insulation varies depending on your property and the results of a no-obligation survey.

So whether you want to add new loft insulation to your building or just top up your existing insulation, get in contact with us today and find out how we can help you.

Fast Facts
  • Save up to £240 per year on your energy bills
  • Help keep your home warm in winter and cooler in summer
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Free Home Insulation Grants

Under government schemes designed to cut carbon emissions, grants are now available to homeowners in the UK to completely pay for, or part-subsidise, energy efficiency measures. These are available for people on a wide-range of benefits including:

  • Child tax credit
  • Pension credit
  • Job seekers allowance
  • Universal credit
  • Income support
  • Working tax credit

The grants are limited so its recommended that you act quickly so you don’t miss out on free cavity wall insulation or loft insulation grants. If you prefer to call, our team are waiting to help on 0800 368 9938.