LA Flex Schemes

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What is LA Flex?

LA Flex (or ‘LAFlex’) is the extension of the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme that helps UK households reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. This is usually done by subsidising – often by up to 100% of the cost – things like cavity wall or loft insulation, new boilers and other such energy-saving methods.

Unlike older versions of the ECO, Local Authorities are now empowered to define their own eligibility criteria. In many cases, these criteria have been extended beyond just income, benefits received or type of heating to include illnesses, pregnancy, number of children or age of occupant.

So its great news for the householder, the local authority and the environment.

How does LA Flex work?

In a nutshell, Local Authorities can define their own criteria and work with ECO-accredited partners like BillSaveUK to install the energy-saving measures.

In the case of BillSaveUK’s LA Flex partnerships, all installations are compliance-checked, pre-approved by the local authority and then BillSaveUK receive the funding for the work from the energy company responsible for the household.

This means that bar the approval of the work (which takes minutes per day) and any promotional work you wish to carry out, the impact on your resourcing is negligable.

Why is LA Flex Important?

  • For your residents – cheaper bills, a warmer home and support through periods of ill health or financial challenge. Plus, all work is permanent and benefits over the lifetime of the house
  • For the Local Authority – Its a low-cost, low hassle scheme that can bring long term health benefits for residents, reducing the strain on local health providers and social services
  • For the environment – lower carbon emissions or the replacement of older heating technologies can help with local air quality and reduce strain on non-renewable fuel sources

I work at a Local Authority, how do we get started?

We can offer a one stop shop for LA Flex scheme set and administration. We’re already working with a number of LA’s and have a lot of experience that can help you get it right first time.

You can either call us on 0800 368 8388 or email us for an informal chat about your needs.