Do you find your home draughty, no matter how much you spend on heating?

One likely cause is the old fashioned ‘air bricks’ in your walls. These brick vents are designed to prevent the build-up of damp and condensation by ventilating your home, and millions of homes in the UK have them.

But the downside is that these vent bricks also let up to 15% of the heat in your home escape straight out into the open air*, wasting money and making it harder to keep your home warm in winter.

Thankfully, BillSaveUK have an answer to the problem – we’ve teamed up with global energy innovators AirEx to help launch their new smart ventilation brick into the UK market.

How does the AirEx smart vent brick work?

It uses sensors and local weather data (internet connection required) to measure temperature, humidity and air quality inside and outside your home, and automatically adjusts the flow of air through the Airex ventilation brick vent to ensure ventilation is always kept at optimum levels.

The technology has been fully tested, is guaranteed for 12 months and gives you the peace of mind that you’re reducing your energy bills and enjoying a warmer home environment.

The smartbricks only take a few hours to install, and the brick vents can be matched to your home to ensure they look right for your property.

Other benefits
– Rooms heat up faster, with warmer floorboards underfoot
– Up to 20% better draught control
– Helps control damp-related respiratory issues
– Helps prevent moisture penetration into timber, cavity wall insulation etc
– Comes in a variety of different coloured brick cowls to match your existing masonry

Colour coded AirExt bricks

How much does it cost to install?

The smart ventilation bricks will pay for themselves many times over during their lifetime and work out much cheaper than underfloor insulation.

Depending on the size of your home, we can install smart ventilation bricks in just a few hours for as little as £929** – including fitting by one of our expert engineers who will also set up the wifi hub and make sure everything is working.

Exact pricing will depend on the size and nature of your home. Contact us for a more tailored quote by filling in the form or call 0800 368 9938 today.


Terms and conditions

* Energy savings figures

Up to 15% energy saving figure based upon independently verified field test data 2016-17


Price assumes 4 AirEx bricks are required for a typical semi-detached property. Contact us for a more accurate price.