Looking for underfloor insulation? Why not use a simpler solution that costs around 70% less?

Introducing Airex – the revolutionary new Smart Brick

If your home suffers from draughts coming up through your floorboards, then the usual solution is to install ‘floorboard insulation’ or underfloor heating insulation. This usually costs around £3,000 for a typical home.

But that means creating a whole host of problems – taking up carpet or laminate flooring, removing or replacing floorboards underneath plus the disruption of the work to your daily life. If you’ve got more than one storey, then installing insulation between floors becomes even more costly and disruptive.

Thankfully, modern technology mean BillSaveUK has a much simpler and cheaper solution for draughts under floors.

How can changing bricks be better than floorboard insulation?

Many underfloor draughts and problems with suspended floor insulation are actually caused by the traditional airbricks that ventilate the space beneath your feet.

But the downside is that these vent bricks also let up to 15% of the heat in your home escape straight out into the open air*, wasting money and making it harder to keep your home warm in winter.

By using a ‘smart brick’ that can automatically open and close to control airflow, temperature and condensation beneath suspended floors – you can avoid all the hassle and much of the cost of insulating between floors.

How does the AirEx smart vent brick work?

It uses sensors and local weather data (internet connection required) to measure temperature, humidity and air quality inside and outside your home, and automatically adjusts the flow of air through the Airex ventilation brick vent to ensure ventilation is always kept at optimum levels.

The technology has been fully tested, is guaranteed for 12 months and gives you the peace of mind that you’re reducing your energy bills and enjoying a warmer home environment.

The smartbricks only take a few hours to install, and the brick vents can be matched to your home to ensure they look right for your property.

Other benefits
– Rooms heat up faster, with warmer floorboards underfoot
– Around 30% of the cost of installing underfloor insulation
– Up to 20% better draught control
– Helps control damp-related respiratory issues
– Helps prevent moisture penetration into timber, cavity wall insulation etc
– Comes in a variety of different coloured brick cowls to match your existing masonry


Terms and conditions

* Energy savings figures

Up to 15% energy saving figure based upon independently verified field test data 2016-17


Price assumes 4 AirEx bricks are required for a typical semi-detached property. Contact us for a more accurate price.