Solar / Battery Storage

BillSaveUK  is an experienced installer of solar energy systems. Solar photovoltaic panels are a highly efficient method of generating electricity for your business. Not only do they require minimal maintenance, but life expectancy extends to decades.

With electricity bills on the rise, companies across the UK need to find ways to increase their energy efficiency at the same time as reducing the costs of powering their business.

And, with environmental scrutiny at an all time high, customers are looking out for organizations to demonstrate reductions in their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

Solar PV is a great way for your business to generate its own electricity and get financially rewarded for all of the energy created.

Thanks to the Feed in Tariff scheme from the Government, companies could be pulling in considerable amounts of money by selling excess power back to the grid, not to mention making huge savings on their current electricity bills.

But it’s not just about making money – it’s about doing your bit for the world around you – and simply by installing solar PV panels at work, you could cut your yearly carbon emissions by hundreds or even thousands of tonnes.

Fast Facts
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint
  • Demonstrate your green credentials
  • Earn money through the Feed-in Tariff