Energy Storage

If you have a solar PV system on your roof the likelihood is that you’re not maximising it to its full potential. FiTs, export tariff and your home’s self-consumption (the electricity you use) are all providing you with an income or reduction in your gas bill or electric bill. However, unless you spend all day at home or have changed the way in which you use electricity, roughly two thirds of the energy that is produced by your solar PV is shipped back to the grid and not used by your home.

Why have it?

When you have an Energy Storage System installed into your home it will store excess electricity that is not currently used. This will allow you to use stored energy as and when required without impacting any FiT or export payments that you receive. Let’s consider a typical day for a family of four with a solar PV system.

Solar Utilisation

You can see that daily life gets in the way of this family’s ability to use all of the electricity generated by their solar PV system effectively. When they most need power the PV system is either not generating any or enough electricity to cover their needs.

Fast Facts
  • Using more of your PV generation will save you money
  • Stored energy will continue to reduce your CO2 footprint
  • Reduce gas bill & reduce electric bill
  • Emergency power solutions can be set up

Buying an Energy Storage Solution

Before buying an Energy Storage Solution we believe that there are a number of metrics that you should consider. The table below lists the key areas which you should understand before parting with your money:

Considerations of Battery Storage

An Energy Storage System is a long term investment and requires upfront expenditure, however once installed you’ll benefit from:

  • Reduce electric & reduce gas bill
  • Being able to maximise your solar PV generation consumption
  • Reduced dependence upon your energy supplier resulting in reduced cost of your gas bill and electric bill.
  • The potential of significantly lower fuel bills in the future (assuming that electricity prices rise overtime)
  • The feeling of well-being knowing that you’re continuing to reduce your personal CO2 emissions and tackle climate change
  • Having a solution that could provide you with energy in the event of an emergency
  • Being in control of the energy you use and when you use it.
Why buy back your own solar energy in the evening at a higher price?

The Moixa maslow Energy Storage System is a compact and smart solution for improving the use of self-generated power, tackle your electric bill and gas bill today.

How Can BillSaveUK Help?

In 2016 we’ve installed almost 50 Energy Storage Solutions into customer homes. Regardless if you have a solar PV system or not we can reduce electric bill and reduce gas bill by working with you.

We are approved and accredited installers for several manufacturers including Moixa Technology and sonnen GmbH, and as the market continues to grow we will add new manufacturers.

We will happily talk you through all of the considerations and help you make a decision that is right for you. We can then arrange the Energy Storage Solution and install at a time that is convenient.

If you would like to know more please, fill in your details in the “arrange a home survey” section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you reduce your gas bill and electric bill!

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Installation photos of our work – Mr D Pykett, Lincolnshire & Mr Musil, Surrey.

At BillSaveUK we are fast becoming big fans of Energy Storage Solutions. They help you maximise your home’s self-consumption of power generated by the power station on your roof and reduce dependence on your utility provider.