Free Insulation Grants

Tens of thousands of homes in the UK have benefited from free cavity wall and loft insulation under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme introduced by the Government in 2013.

The scheme makes energy companies legally responsible for the installation of carbon reduction measures like home insulation.

So they offer grants for insulation for house walls, lofts and other areas of your home – which we can access on your behalf. You just need to use our home insulation grant checker or ring us on 0800 368 9938 and we can check how big your grant will be.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. They avoid fines for not meeting their ECO obligation, and you get free home insulation, cheaper energy bills (by up to £515 per year!) and a more energy efficient home. Plus, of course, you’re doing a little more to help the environment by cutting your carbon emissions.

Are you eligible? Fill in our free home insulation form or call us on 0800 368 9938 today.

Can I get free cavity wall insulation?

Thousands of homes are eligible for some form of home insulation grant. The size of your grant depends upon where you live and any state benefits you receive. Rather than explain it all here, it’s easier just complete our quick online grant check, or call 0800 368 9938 and we’ll do the leg work for you.

People who receive one or more of the the following benefit could get a grant:

– Working Tax Credit

– Universal Credit

– Child Benefit

– Pension Guarantee Credit

– Carers Allowance

– Child Tax Credit

– Injured ex-servicemen/women benefits

– Disability benefits, including Disability Living Allowance

How can I make my home warmer in winter?

If your house is cold in winter, cavity wall insulation can help block up to 35% of the heat that escapes through un-insulated walls. Likewise, loft insulation can stop another 25% escaping through the roof.

So they’ll take some strain off your boiler and make your home feel warmer in winter, or you can save money by using less energy to heat it to your preferred temperature.

Does cavity wall insulation work?

The Energy Saving Trust calculate that it can save around £275 a year for a typical 3-bed semi detached house. That’s a lot of money you could put to better use! Read more information about cavity wall insulation.

Does my house have cavity wall insulation?

Over 5 million homes still need their wall cavities filling and lots more need their cavity wall insulation topped up. This includes tens of thousands built in the 1980’s, when cavities were often left empty, partially or ineffectually filled with old types of insulation. We can top these up with modern blown mineral fibre (which meets all relevant fire regulations), subject to survey.

Do you sell solid wall insulation?

We do offer insulation for solid walls in the form of our Toptherm insulating spray, developed by world-leading building material specialist Tarmac. This solution is perfect for those people who have concerns about the looks or the fire safety of exterior wall insulation ‘cladding’. Read more about BillSaveUK’s solid wall insulation.

Does loft insulation work?

Installing free loft insulation up to modern standards can help cut your bills by £240 a year. It works by creating a thermal barrier between the occupied parts of your home and the loft space, which in turn traps the heat you’re paying for in the places where you need it. Read more information about loft insulation.

How do I get a home insulation grant?

There are a few selected insulation companies across the UK who are authorised by the energy companies to access the grants. This means you don’t have to do the admin or fill in lots of forms, you just have to check you’re entitled to a grant  or call us on 0800 368 9938. Once we’ve confirmed the size of your grant and checked that your home is suitable, we’ll book the work in and bill your energy company directly. In some cases, the size of your insulation grant might not cover the full cost of the work, in which case you’ll be asked for a contribution – but it’s often a small percentage of the overall amount and pays for itself really quickly in lower energy bills. This contribution is calculated in advance and told to you, so there’ll be no nasty surprises once you’ve had your cavity wall or loft insulation (or both!) done.