Toptherm Energyseal

Tarmac_Partnership_LogoIf you live in one of the 8 million UK homes with external solid walls, you’ll be familiar with the challenges of keeping your home warm in the colder months, internal damp problems and controlling your energy bills.

Many companies will recommend exterior insulation boards (also called ‘cladding’) or interior insulating panels, but these can be incredibly expensive and installing them can be really disruptive to your home life.

Thankfully, BillSaveUK has a answer for all of these problems. We’re the only UK company who can apply Tarmac Toptherm Energyseal, an invisible nano technology spray that can be applied quickly and costs up to 80% less than traditional solid wall insulation solutions.

Toptherm Energyseal is designed for:

  • People who want to preserve the appearance of their home
  • Cost-conscious homeowners who want a quicker return than external panels
  • Reducing internal damp problems and preventing moisture build up
  • Houses in areas of high winds and driven rainfall

How Toptherm solid wall insulation works:

  • We apply an invisible heat and moisture control spray to your outside walls
  • It penetrates the solid walls, sealing them against moisture
  • Dry bricks reduce heatloss by up to 23% vs damp bricks
  • It’s breathable, allowing existing damp problems to dry out over time
  • We’ll make sure your damp proof course is properly injected
  • You’ll get an independent 20 year guarantee

How does Toptherm compare to other solid wall insulation?

  • It only requires one company, rather than multiple contractors, to complete
  • Takes 1 – 2 days, compared to around several weeks for external or internal insulating panels
  • It preserves the appearance of your home
  • It doesn’t require any redecorating inside
  • Toptherm costs a fraction of the typical ¬£10,000 price of exterior wall insulation
  • Doesn’t trap internal moisture in your home
  • No planning permission required, unlike some other types of solid wall insulation

How the TopTherm technology works

Toptherm Energyseal will stop your brickwork taking in new moisture. This will result in your brickwork drying out over time and becoming more thermally efficient, reducing heat loss.


As well as increased heat retention in your home any existing internal damp areas caused by external seepage should gradually disappear. Any previous exterior mould, moss or damp patches should not return. Once Toptherm Energyseal has completely dried you can then safely hose off any future contamination from the exterior of your property.

Why pick BillSaveUK for your solid wall insulation?

We’re one of the UK’s biggest insulation companies with decades of experience. We’re also a national company rather than a small subcontractor, and have over 300 staff across the UK. So why not call us today on 0800 368 9938 for a no obligation chat? Or you can fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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