BillSaveUK has become a key contractor of choice in insulation for many housebuilders across the UK. Our expert team are on hand to provide custom made solutions to help meet your needs and expectations, whether it’s small new build projects right the way through to larger volume building contracts. With nearly 40 years experience of providing energy saving measures and industry accreditations to our name you can rest assured that BillSaveUK can deliver high quality within even the most challenging timescales.

Loft Insulation

Our dedicated new build housing teams give nationwide coverage. Skilled technicians are trained to national standards in the BillSaveUK Academy. They hold all appropriate registration cards for sites and deliver high quality installations within sometimes challenging timescales.

Our Service Delivery Managers ensure your scheme is delivered on time and to your complete satisfaction.

Most of the loft insulation we install is glass mineral wool from leading manufacturers. A variety of products achieving different U values are available. Our sales and estimating team will advise you of the appropriate options for your development.

Where sloping roof areas require high thermal performance, we offer a range of roll and rigid board products from leading manufacturers. Again, selection of the most appropriate and cost effective product for your development will be made by our highly experienced sales and estimating team.

Fast Facts
  • High quality installations to sometimes challenging timescales
  • Delivery on time and to your complete satisfaction

Cavity Wall Insulation

We offer our customers a choice of products from leading manufacturers. Blown mineral wool with lambda value of 040 or 034 can be specified. Alternatively, if you specify a bead solution then we have an EPS product to offer with a 033 lambda value.

Our highly experienced sales and estimating team will advise you on the most cost effective product to reach your required U value.

All of our products give excellent thermal performance and can be injected into the cavity via small holes in the inner leaf prior to plastering or dry lining.

As a BBA approved installer, all cavity wall installations undertaken are of the highest quality and are backed by a BillSaveUK 10 year guarantee.

Improved performance means that all the common construction methods can continue to be used without alteration.

With heating costs rocketing, studies have shown that energy savings of more than 50% can easily be achieved through thermal insulation.

Part L April 2006 demands thermal insulation performance which will require a choice between alternative construction methods of superior insulating materials. Carbon Saver delivers greatly improved results while minimising cost. Carbon Saver is the right solution for current and future efficiency requirements.

Fast Facts
  • Energy savings of more than 50%
  • All cavity wall installations undertaken are of the highest quality and are backed by a BillSaveUK 10 year guarantee

Bead Insulation

  • Can achieve U values of 0.23 with a 100mm cavity
  • No cold spots above doors and windows where DPC prevent boards being fitted
  • No reduction in performance from moisture retention as in many existing systems
  • No site storage or wastage
Fast Facts
  • Cost effective compared to partial fill products
  • BBA Certified

Timber Frame Insulation

With the many construction cost benefits for builders in timber-frame housing timber frame insulation is becoming increasingly important to energy efficiency in homes.

Due to the non-standard construction techniques of timber-frame building, insulating these properties requires specialist skills that differ from traditionally constructed buildings. BillSaveUK has a growing team of highly skilled installers dedicated to carry out this type of work.

How does Timber Frame Insulation work?

Glass fibre insulation material manufactured specifically for use in timber frame houses is placed between studs and held in position with polypropylene netting stapled securely to the timber. This work is undertaken only after the first fix has been completed. The electrical and plumbing services already in situ are catered for as the insulation is fixed into position. Following this the entire stud is provided with a vapour barrier. Each dwelling is then individually inspected and certified by the Local Authority or the NHBC before any further work is carried out to the walls of the property.

When bedrooms are constructed within the roof areas the resultant non-standard lines of the roof require careful consideration. Products such as polyisocyanurate boards are cut to shape and size on site and friction fitted into non-standard stud areas and sloping ceilings. Glass fibre insulation quilt secured above netting is installed to horizontal areas which are then later sealed up by the builder. All these non-standard designs are individually handled by installers working within the narrowest time slots available to them within the construction process.

Fast Facts
  • Highly skilled installers
  • Increasingly important to energy efficiency