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Catherine Ashworth

£50 Amazon gift vouchers to Affordable Warmth customers

30th May 2017

Home energy saving specialist BillSaveUK is offering £50 Amazon gift vouchers to customers who have free home insulation installed through the UK Government’s Affordable Warmth Obligation.

Following the successful installation of cavity wall or loft insulation for those eligible* for the Government’s Affordable Warmth grant, BillSaveUK will reward customers with a £50 Amazon gift voucher to spend how they choose.**

Figures show there could be up to five million homes in the UK*** which are suitable for cavity wall insulation. And,
while home insulation might not be considered a priority in the summer months, it can actually help homes to feel cooler – helping to keeping the heat out when it’s hot, and keeping it in when the weather turns colder.

Bill Rumble, BillSaveUK director, said: “Millions of UK homeowners are happily enjoying the benefits of lower energy bills and more comfortable homes to live in all year round thanks to having cavity wall and loft insulation installed, yet there are still an estimated five million homes which could stand to benefit from being properly insulated.

“The affordable warmth grants are there for the taking by anyone who meets the qualifying criteria. And in return for customers letting us insulate their home free of charge, we’ll give them a £50 Amazon voucher as a thank you.”

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a properly insulated home can reduce energy bills by up to £240 each year. Following a free of charge, no obligation home survey, BillSaveUK can install insulation at a home within just two weeks – with the installation process taking just a few hours.

Homeowners can find out if they’re entitled to free insulation by calling 0800 368 9938 or completing a quick online form.

* Customers may be entitled to free insulation if they’re on one of the following state benefits: Child tax credit, pension credit, Job seekers allowance (JSA), income support, universal credit working tax credit. Some homes are also eligible irrespective of state benefits.
** The reward will be sent to ‘Affordable Warmth’ customers only by email within six weeks from the date insulation has been installed at the customer’s property. BillSaveUK reserves the right to withdraw or cancel this scheme or amend its terms and conditions.
***Source: Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency.