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Bill’s Insulation News – Save the date!

6th June 2018


October 1st 2018 might not seem significant to you at the moment, but if you are, or if you know of anyone who’ll be worrying about how they’re going to find the money to keep their house warm this winter, then it’s a date worth making a note of.

Here’s why – from October 1st, the UK Government is increasing the size of its ‘Affordable Warmth Group’. Yes we know that doesn’t make much sense, but what it means is more people will be able to have energy efficiency products (or ‘measures’ as we call them) installed for little or no cost. And what does make sense, is a properly insulated home could cut your energy bills by up to £600 a year.

It’s extremely saddening to know that 2.5million UK households are classed as living in ‘fuel poverty’. That’s when more than 10% of their household income is needed to pay their energy bills – and to make matters worse, the homes they’re living in are often using more energy than they should be, due to poor insulation or tired old boilers.

So who can benefit?

Well, as of October, there will be three new key groups of people who can qualify for energy saving support:

1. Those who receive Disability Living Allowance

2. Those who receive Carer’s Allowance

3. And, those who receive benefits from the MOD

The Government has made these changes because it wants to help more households which might have higher than average heating needs because the residents are more likely to suffer ill health by living in a cold home. For example, research has shown that 34%** of the UK’s fuel poor households have a someone living in them who suffers from a disability or long-term illness.

So while the sun may be trying to shine outside and we’re looking forward to enjoying the best of the British summer, more UK households will also be able to look forward to a warmer, healthier, more comfortable winter this year, hopefully with a little more money in their pockets too.

If you’d like to see if you’re eligible for home energy efficiency funding under the new Affordable Warmth Group, call our team on 0800 368 9938.

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*Detached house, Energy Saving Trust

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