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Catherine Ashworth

LAFlex “one stop shop” at ALEO Conference

6th November 2017

National energy-saving advisor and installer BillSaveUK launched its ‘one stop shop’ LAFlex support package last week, to local energy officers attending the ALEO National Training Day Conference in London (Monday 30th October).

BillSaveUK presented its comprehensive support package for the new energy-saving initiative, which falls under the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme extension, to Conference attendees representing over 40 local authorities nationwide. With literature available, knowledgeable staff on hand and bespoke computer software set up to demonstrate how eligible households could be identified, BillSaveUK was able to provide delegates with a clear understanding of its capabilities as an LAFlex programme partner.

LAFlex works by local authorities referring households for energy-efficiency support – those which might be living in fuel poverty, or who are ‘just about managing’ for example. Energy suppliers can then achieve up to 10% of their ECO Affordable Warmth obligation by installing energy-saving measures into homes which have been deemed eligible. However, finding these households and determining which energy-efficiency measures might be suitable for them is a tough task – which is where partners like BillSaveUK can help.

BillSaveUK director, Bill Rumble said: “LAFlex represents an enormous opportunity for local authorities to make a difference in their communities, helping some of their most vulnerable householders move away from fuel poverty. We know take up of LAFlex has been fairly slow so far and part of the reason for that is the perceived amount of work which delivering a programme may entail. That’s why we’re keen to make local energy officers aware that we can take 95% of the work and responsibility off their hands and help them achieve their carbon reduction targets.”

BillSaveUK’s “one stop shop” offer starts with discussing how a scheme might be developed and drafting a Statement of Intent, then works through every stage of customer acquisition and marketing, enquiry handling, survey and installation, before ensuring all requirements are met for ECO compliance and reporting.

Bill continued: “We’ve worked alongside local authorities to deliver energy-saving initiatives for many years and as new opportunities are presented by Government, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner they can turn to for support. For LAFlex, we’ve simply combined every element of our inhouse capabilities with our industry connections and market knowledge, to provide local energy officers with a tailored, straight forward ‘one stop shop’ process.”

Following the ALEO Training Day it’s hoped more local authorities will feel empowered to move ahead with LAFlex in their community, to ultimately make it one of the most significant initiatives under the current ECO programme.

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