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Catherine Ashworth

Insulation firm ready to race to funding finish line

3rd August 2018

Staff from national energy-saving company BillSaveUK were ready to race today, sending a message to homeowners about having home insulation installed before the Government’s current funding programme ends on 30th September 2018.The funding finish line is for the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation, or CERO for short, and part of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) programme. Under CERO, funding is available for any household in the UK to have energy-saving measures installed, such as cavity wall or loft insulation, helping to reduce heating bills and make homes more comfortable and healthy to live in.

Last week, the Government announced how the next phase of ECO (ECO3) would look and with no mention of any extension to the CERO funding deadline, there are just weeks left for homeowners and landlords throughout the UK, regardless of income or tenure, to benefit from the available funding.

As a national installer of home energy-saving solutions, BillSaveUK has installed some 15,170 measures in more than 13,808 homes since CERO was launched five years ago. And with the average annual fuel bill savings for a semi-detached property currently quoted at £275* after cavity wall and loft insulation have been installed, the national household savings which have been achieved under CERO run into the millions of pounds.

“There are just eight weeks left until the CERO funding stream ends. Although in reality, the deadline is much closer than that, as properties need to be surveyed and insulation installed before the end of September to qualify for funding,” explained BillSaveUK director, Bill Rumble. “From October, the Government will be focussing its attention on vulnerable households and those living in fuel poverty, under ECO3. So it really is the last chance now, for homeowners and landlords living in any type of property requiring insulation and on any level of income, to claim financial support.”

Around 25% of a home’s heating can be lost through its roof and a further 35% through its walls if they are uninsulated. BillSaveUK is advising households living in properties which may require cavity wall insulation, typically those built after 1920, or loft insulation to register for a survey before 7th September.

“Under CERO, homeowners and landlords could claim anything from £10 of funding, to having £1,000 worth of insulation installed, completely free of charge,” continued Bill. “Then as their annual energy bill savings add up year on year, they could be better off financially, as well as enjoying the comfort of living in a warmer, healthier home.”

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