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Catherine Ashworth

National Energy Foundation approves BillSaveUK to deliver ECO Flexible Eligibility scheme

19th November 2018

National energy-saving installer BillSaveUK is now an approved contractor for the National Energy Foundation (NEF), helping Local Authorities improve the health and home comfort of thousands of vulnerable households.

Working under the NEF’s ‘Better Housing, Better Health’ brand, BillSaveUK’s role is to identify households in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire who might qualify for energy-saving measures through the Government ECO Flexible Eligibility programme – a potential of more than 41,000 residences*. Once identified, the NEF may then approve these households for measures, to be installed by BillSaveUK.

According to BEIS data, 8.5% of Oxfordshire’s and Buckinghamshire’s 485,000 households are classed as living in fuel poverty and could benefit from Government funding for energy-saving measures. Through the NEF’s ‘Better Housing, Better Health’ brand, schemes such as Eco Flexible Eligibility are supported, helping Local Authorities direct energy-efficiency help to those who need it most in their communities, lifting vulnerable households out of the fuel poverty trap.

“Through partnering with the NEF, we have a significant opportunity to improve the health and home comfort of more than 41,000 vulnerable households – this is particularly welcome news as we enter the colder winter months,” said BillSaveUK Director, Bill Rumble. “The latest revisions of energy-efficiency funding from the Government prioritise those who are most in need and by pooling our resources with a like-minded organisation such as the NEF, we are both in a stronger position to make a difference to the households where it matters most.”

The energy-saving measures which may be available through this scheme include a full range of insulation products, specified to suit individual property requirements. Eligibility for having products installed will be based on income thresholds, combined with other factors such as the age of the residents, those who are in receipt of benefits, suffering from certain illnesses, or households with high heating costs, according to set parameters.

Matt Neal, Household & Community Project Manager, NEF added: “We at NEF believe that no one should ever feel needlessly cold in their home. Over the past few months we have worked hard alongside our local authority partners to ensure that flexible eligibility funding is available and easily accessible across Bucks and Oxon. BillSaveUK is one of the first suppliers to have committed to delivering the scheme and we are excited to support them in assisting those vulnerable to the negative effects of a cold home.”

The National Energy Foundation is an independent, national charity based in Milton Keynes, and has been at the forefront of improving the use of energy in buildings since 1988. It aims to give people, organisations and government the knowledge, support and inspiration they need to understand and improve the use of energy in buildings.

BillSaveUK is headquartered in Leicester and installs energy saving measures into around 3,000 homes and businesses throughout the UK every month. The Company is professionally accredited across all aspects of its work and is considered a leading authority on the future of energy efficiency in the UK.

*BEIS Statistics on Fuel Poverty – 26th June, 2018