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Catherine Ashworth

Rotherham campaign will leave you ‘Feeling Fine’

28th February 2018


If you are over 60, have young children or are in receipt of certain benefits, then you could be eligible for extra help to reduce your energy bills thanks to a new scheme.

‘Feeling Fine in Rotherham’ aims to give assistance to residents who might be struggling to pay their energy bills, or whose health might be at risk through living in poorly-heated homes.

The programme, which has been launched by Rotherham Council and BillSaveUK  has been called ‘Feeling Fine in Rotherham’ to highlight that having a more energy-efficient home can not only improves your comfort levels and cut your heating bills, but can also improve your health and general wellbeing, all year round.

Rotherham is one of the first councils in the UK to launch the scheme, which is part of a Government initiative called Local Authority Flex.

Over the coming weeks and months, residents will be contacted by one of BillSaveUK’s Energy Saving Assessors to review their eligibility for the scheme. If you meet the criteria set by the Council, you will then be offered one or more suitable energy-saving products, to help improve the comfort of your home, reduce energy bills and leave you ‘Feeling Fine’!

Cllr Dominic Beck, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We’re always hearing about energy prices being pushed up and up, and the fact is there are thousands of people out there who can’t afford to pay. People try to reduce their bills by not having the heating on, but then that has knock-on health issues.

“This new initiative gives us the power to set relevant criteria to determine which households in our local community can have help in making their homes warmer, cheaper to run and for them to feel fine.”

Bill Rumble, Director, BillSaveUK added: “There’s a great deal that can be done to improve the energy-efficiency of homes not just in Rotherham, but throughout the UK. The trouble is, those who are most in need are the ones who don’t have the available cash to make the necessary improvements. We’re proud to be rolling out the Local Authority Flex ‘Feeling Fine in Rotherham’ programme and look forward to working with our colleagues at the Council, to make a difference not only to the comfort and heating bills of Rotherham homes this winter, but helping residents to ‘Feel Fine’ all year round.”

Eligibility for having products installed include households where the total income is below £30,000, £35,000 or £45,000 together with other factors such as where the residents are aged over 60, households with children aged under 5, residents who are pregnant, residents who are in receipt of benefits, those who are suffering from certain illnesses or households with high heating costs, according to set parameters.

To find out more about ‘Feeling Fine in Rotherham’, a dedicated phone line has been set up on 01709 357 259.